We start the spring of 2019 with a new interview given by the executive director of Moveos – Elena Feroiu – to the publication Arhispec.
We invite you to find out some answers related to various aspects related to the activity at the industrial level, but also a few words about the Moveos brand.

How do negotiations work when clients find out that a woman is answering them at the end of the line?

Of course, it depends on the case, from woman to woman, from man to man and of course it depends on the stakes. If I were to generalize an answer based on the experiences so far, I would say that I am lucky. I’m lucky because the discussions take place in a professional business world, where win-win results are often sought, no matter who participates in the discussions.

As a woman in the industrial field, what do you consider to be the top 3 things without which you would not be able to survive?

  • Team
  • Strategy
  • Innovation

From the perspective of women in the industry, what do you think is missing in the field?

I always try to be positive. I don’t think anything is missing, I just think we need to improve because there is always room for improvement. Here I am thinking of the facilities provided to investors, how easy is their path to a successful business in terms of legislative support and here we can mention as an example the latest regulation in the field of construction regarding the taxation of salary income. I am convinced that the industry as a whole embraces these initiatives and looks forward to such initiatives in other fields of activity.

If you were to summarize in one sentence the brand you represent to convince us that you are the best in the market, what would this sentence look like?

We represent a real support for Romanian investors, investing in our turn in the local human capital.

Source: http://revista.ibcfocus.ro/arhispec-19/femei-influente14/