From September 2018 until present, Moveos has created more than 300 jobs in Rovinari, being among the largest investors in the area.
In 2019, the top of investors in Gorj County also includes Autoliv Romania. To find out more details, we invite you to read the article below, published on

Brasov companies save Gorj’s economy: After Moveos, Autoliv also invests 20 million euros in Rovinari

Autoliv will open a new car safety system factory in Rovinari town, Gorj county, the investment rising to about 20 million euros. This is the second major investment of a Brasov company in Rovinari, Gorj County, after Moveos, which also produces for Autoliv, opened a factory in the middle of this year, following an investment of three million euros, and employed 300 people,
Autoliv has announced the opening of a new car safety system factory in Rovinari, Gorj County. The initiative to develop Autoliv in a new location in the country comes against the background of volume increases that the company forecasts for the next three years.

“Autoliv’s decision to invest in Gorj County, in Rovinari, was based on the existing workforce in this area, which showed availability and desire to build a career in the automotive industry. The support from the local authorities was also an argument in favor of this decision”, it is shown in a press release of the Rovinari City Hall. 800 new jobs. Work will begin in December and production is scheduled to begin in mid-2019.

“Autoliv will invest in Rovinari over 20 million euros in a “greenefield” type factory and in state-of-the-art production equipment. It will build a production hall of over 8.000 square meters. Autoliv intends to hire about 800 people in the new factory and the first hires will be made right from the beginning of next year. At the Rovinari location, Autoliv will produce car seat belts, a very complex product with extremely high quality requirements. The company will invest a lot in staff training and will do so with the help of colleagues from the organization in Brasov”, it is also shown in the communiqué of Rovinari City Hall.

“Autoliv is the world leader in car safety systems, and through its subsidiaries it develops and manufactures car safety systems for the largest car manufacturers in the world. Autoliv has over 72,000 employees in 27 countries. In addition, the company has 23 technical centers in nine countries around the world. In Romania, Autoliv has been present since 1997, with over 10,000 employees, in the following localities in the country: Brasov, Lugoj, Resita, Sf. Gheorghe and Onesti.