If you remember, we started with an idea in March: to save the jobs of our employees in the automotive industry and to make up for the lack of protective equipment during the pandemic.

In just 3 weeks, we started producing disposable overalls. We have invested over 100,000 euros in refurbishment, training, material procurement, infrastructure.

At 7 weeks from the start of production we have a portfolio of 6 polypropylene products and, most importantly, all our products bear the CE mark . This is the recognition of the European quality of our products and production processes and the guarantee of a sustainable partnership.

Among the certified products, two are unique on the Romanian market : disposable tunic and disposable gown for children.

PS On Tuesday evening, 26.05.2020, 2 raincoats went to the laboratory for testing. If everything is on schedule, in a few weeks we will have the CE mark for these overalls as well.

PS 2 As of June 4, 2020, the waterproof coverall is also CE certified.