Recruitment & Training Centers

Based on the recruitment plan and job profiles received from our customers, we offer complete recruitment and selection services.
Moreover, following a thorough understanding of the production flow, Moveos applies training processes, materials, tools and methods to deliver the right staff directly to your production lines. of production.

Growing business? Need efficient staff fast?

In any case, we can cover the need for already trained human resources, ready to produce at the level of efficiency according to the production process.

  • A win-win partnership

  • Outsourced process with qualified resources

  • Allows you to focus on your team on integration and development

  • All recruitment and training activities are covered by Moveos

  • 100% HC delivered according to the recruitment plan

  • Complete and compliant recruitment and training process

We know that every business has its own characteristics.

We invite you to join us in creating
the right solution for your company.