Replacement Bench

What would it be like to have a replacement bench with staff selected and trained in your processes so that any unforeseen absences can be covered in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency?
Always complete, the Moveos Replacement Bench is present in the immediate vicinity of your lines, ready to intervene upon request.

By analogy with a football match in which the chances of victory increase when the match is played by a complete and prepared team, in the production unit, the achievment of the planned volumes depends largely on a complete and trained team.
The costs of unplanned absenteeism translate into extra work, non-quality, risk of injury, possible customer complaints and even the inability to deliver.

  • 100% complete team every day

  • Access the Moveos team according to your immediate need

  • Predictable costs – cost / hour incurred

  • HC 100% employed and managed by Moveos

  • Zero costs for you with the extra work of your own employees

  • Low risk of possible complaints from your customer

  • 100% volume delivery, as planned

Personnel Relocation

We want to support you in dealing with a high staff turnover rate, without you moving your business to underdeveloped areas or resorting to other high-risk solutions.
Therefore, we move the necessary resources to you.
We specialize in relocating workforce, offering special accommodation conditions and covering all activities related to the subsequent administration of employees throughout the contract.

Achieving planned volumes depends on a number of factors, including the reliability of your employees.
The unpredictable (voluntary) rotation of HC and the limited human resources available in your geographical area can be difficult to combat, especially in mass production lines, where every operator matters.

  • 100% HC as planned

  • Predictable costs – rate / hour incurred

  • Non-compete partnership (recruiting our customers outside the geographical area)

  • HC 100% employed and managed by Moveos

  • Flexibility over HC during periods of volume fluctuation

We know that every business has its own characteristics.

We invite you to join us in building
the right solution for your company.